LIGHTNING SALAD MOVING PICTURE (Director, Co-Writer, Cinematographer, Editor) 


Cucalorus Film Festival, Wilmington, NC 2008 (premiere)

Lake County Film Festival, Chicago, IL 2009

East Carolina Film Festival, Jacksonville, NC 2009 (Winner: Best Feature Film)

Maryland Film Festival, Baltimore, MD 2009

Sister City Film Festival, New Bern, NC 2009

Sidewalk Film Festival, Birmingham, AL 2009

George Lindsey UNA Film Festival, Florence, AL 2010




The Superkiiids! are bad-to-the-dinobone, they smash terrariums, ride real rock machines, spray paint and are

woken up each morning by groundbreaking filmmaker, Robert Zemeckis, who briefs them of their daily

assignment. Today's mission ---> write, direct, produce, cater and possibly star in part four of the epic $400

Billionmillion worldwide U.S. grossing, global-networking, time shredding franchise of the 'Back To The Future'

films. Now, the Superkiiiiiiiiiiiiids! must defy steam engines, budding romances, classically trained villains and

Meankiiid's 'tude in order to create their life's work for the day. Made for about the same price as 446 bottles of

RC cola, with a crew of three (and whoever else wasn't doing anything that day) 'Lightning Salad Moving Picture'

is without a doubt a movie. 


80 minutes

HD 720p